Day Center / Dog Garden

Sola Dog Center can be found in Tananger. We have one approximately 900 square meters of space. Here we have a large indoor hall for training and play. We have rest rooms, where the dogs get their much-needed rest and peace. In addition, Sola Hundesenter has a 4-acre outdoor area. Here the dogs get to play and work so that they keep their balance.

Philosophy: TTT, Patience, Safety and Trust

Objective: The owner gets a satisfied and balanced dog home after the end of the day in the Day Centre. Each dog will have challenges in the form of work, play and social interaction with other dogs. Rest must also until during the day. Work, Play and Free = a balanced dog

About us: As of today it is holder Eric Sandvold who will have the daily care and training of the dogs, along with his co-workers. Eric has experience since 1993 in dog keeping in general. Eric is trained Mental Description Dog Judge via NKK. He has an instructor education. Experience from Brukshund training and Obedience. Breeding of two different breeds. He is also a trained instructor for “visiting friend Hund” for the Red Cross. He has a burning interest in the behavior of the dog and its mental development. Eric has had the pleasure of taking part in knowledge from one of Norway’s foremost heads of behaviour and mentality, Major Randulf Gimre.

The day center is opened 5 days a week , Monday – Friday. 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Type of space

1 day per week, fixed space

2 days per week, fixed space

3 days per week, fixed space

4 days per week, fixed space

5 days per week, fixed place (01.01.2020)

Dropin –

Price per day







Approx price per month


3 000,00 kr

4 380,00 kr

5,360.00 kr

6 100,00 kr

Application for space is made by submitting form located HERE.

Submission between 07:30 – 9.30am
Pick-up between 15:00 – 17:00

Possibility of DropIN, i.e. single day. This must be booked in advance by mail
DropIN per day 530,-

You can make your own wishes about which days are best for you and your dog.
The day centre follows the school’s Christmas break. Summer closed July.

Questions can be directed to Sola Hundesenter by email: or tel. 92621675.