At Sola Dog Center there are all kinds of dogs – both long-haired, short-haired, large and small

Dozens of paws trudge through the damp grass as the wet snouts sniff out for hidden goodies. Large and small, long-haired and short-haired dogs are both high and low while playing, learning and enjoying life at the day centre in Tananger.


We hold puppy courses for all kinds of breeds.
As courses become available, they will be announced on both the homepage and facebook. Read more about the content of our puppy courses under COURSES



When dog parents have to be at work or for other reasons do not want the dog to be home alone, this is a great offer. Many dog owners also go with a guilty conscience because their dog does not get socializing with other dogs. It gets all the dogs at Sola Dog Center. Read more under Day Center.

Day Center

Course overview

Here you will find the overview of courses we hold at Sola Dog Center. If there are any courses you miss, give us feedback on this.

I hold puppy courses for all kinds of breeds.
As courses become available, they will be announced on both the homepage and facebook.

If you are interested in participating or booking a puppy course, this can be done either by phone +47 926 21 675 and via our contact form here.

Nose for everyday life
Do you want your dog to use its best sense in everyday life. A dog who gets to use his sense of smell is a more harmonious dog. Dogs need the small work tasks in everyday life, regardless of size. Don’t you know where to start? Then this little course is something for you and your dog.

Stay tuned to FB for updated rates

We have varying courses for dogs over 9 months, ex Pass course, Off button, Everyday obedience. Stay tuned to Facebook for upcoming classes.


Puppy analysis

In this analysis you will get answers to what the individual unique puppy needs, in order to become as harmonious a dog as possible. A puppy analysis is not a test, but an analysis in which the puppy’s functions are assessed. That’s how much or little a puppy has of its various funkjsons. This is carried out in order to find the right puppy to the right owner and the breeder gets an overall assessment of his litter.


Day Center/Dog Center

Sola Dog Center can be found in Tananger. We have one approximately 900 square meters of space. Here we have a large indoor hall for training and play. We have a stable room where the dogs get their much-needed rest and peace. In addition, Sola Hundesenter has a 4-acre outdoor area. Here the dogs get to play and work so that they keep their balance.


Problem dogs

GOAL: Solve the problems and challenges you have with your dog.
No one has such problems so I work on the individual needs of the dog as a human being.