Sola Hundesenter AS was started to improve dogs’ living conditions. The focus is work, play and free.
Working with the dogs, such as the dogs. search, search, play football with them or take them on scooters.
Play, social interaction with other dogs. It’s like a recess, as our job is that the game doesn’t get too fierce.
Rest we all need to keep their balance, it gets the dogs in separate cubicles where they can relax in a safe environment.
The vision is for dogs and humans to help each other. Founder Eric could not be in the job he had due to øresus (tinnitus), but also did not want to be disabled. Then came the idea of creating a workplace that did not take into account his hearing damage.
After rebuilding a greenhouse, the dog day center opened in September 2015.
The day center started with 10 dogs a week this increased rapidly to 60 dogs at the end of 2016.
Our main goal is to provide dogs with good animal welfare when the human being is at work. We strive to the best of our ability to look after both the dog and the owner, so that both can become better at understanding each other.
We also have dogs with small and large challenges who benefit from being in the day center. There they get good social skills, with a diversity of races, in safe frames.
This also applies to humans. We bring people, of all ages, to work training. People who have ended up on the outside of their working life for various reasons. Then it is the dogs that help man to find back to himself, so that they can again manage to be in work.
We at Sola Hundesenter AS focus on being good role models for our customers dogs. The best way to explain it is that we use parenthood. Border setting as in a kindergarten with two-legged. Dogs must also learn indoor voice and outvote so they have good rules to deal with. We pass this on to the owners and give them homework that will improve the dog and owner’s relationship. We want to help the owner to become a safe and good role model for his dog. Although we have great knowledge already, the dogs teach us something every day that we can pass on to owners and course participants.

Remember ALL dogs are different and we treat them according to what they can and what they need.

Eric G. Sandvold

Managing Director and Instructor

This is Eric. He has experience since 1990 with dogs in general. He has a burning interest in the behavior of the dog and its mental development.

“I have had the pleasure of taking part in knowledge from one of Norway’s foremost heads of behavior and mentality, Major Randulf Gimre. Here cooperation and the individual are at the centre.
I am a co-owner of Kennel Tangterr, which has been breeding irish softcoated Wheaten terrier since 1994 and subsequently also Belgian Sheepdog,Tervueren. The motto for the breed has always been: A balanced dog in a healthy body.”

In 2009, he started the NKK’s education race against Mentalbeskriver (judge)and Karatertest judge on dogs, where he received his approval as A.D. judge in the spring of 2012.

He is the primus engine for the dog center and has in recent years trained in etology at NMBU. Eric is also an instructor for the Red Cross’s “Visiting Friend Dog” program.

In recent years he has helped many owners with their dog problem/problem dog with very good results. See guest reviews on Facebook.

Thomas Cullen


Thomas is one of our employees who meets you when you arrive at our day center. He works daily with the dogs who are in the day center and participates as an auxiliary instructor on our courses. Thomas himself has a Rodesian Ridgeback named Alfa.

Hilde T. Mæland

Administration and instructor

Hilde works a lot behind the scenes with the administrative. In addition, she is an instructor at the puppy courses and search courses. She has had a dog since the age of 11 and started as an auxiliary intrusionist in the Norwegian Retriever club at the age of 13. LP competitions and dog training have taken a lot of time. Breeder since 1993 of Irish Softcoated Wheaten terrier and later also Tervueren. It’s been a life with dogs. As of today, she has with Eric Sandvold, 2 tervueren. They sound the names Tempi and Accio.